Today’s millennials fall into two categories. For some it’s important to be perceived online as successful regardless if it’s true or not, and then there are others who are hungry for success whether they are perceived to be or not.

Do we finish early on Fridays? Can we bring our pets to work? Do we get free breakfast? These are common questions asked by the millennials eager to showcase online. They are digital natives, hence their need to post online, but has this ability give the perception of a fantastic life outweighed the reality of having to work hard to achieve it?

Many want a ‘cool’ job as it raises their online status while enabling them to buy items to show off in their latest post. They want to travel, shop and socialise more than working their way up the career ladder. Even though we all know the online world isn’t always as it seems, these types of millennials are swept away by the need to buy and travel to have an exciting online profile.

Many believe they should have early finishes and plenty of holiday days to help them maintain a social image, all the while still expecting to be given promotions and salary increases. The problem with this is that many millennials put too much focus on having more fun than working, equalling in an uneven work-life balance.

Many view work as an integral part of their life that’s helping them build the lifestyle, they want but are not willing to let the stresses of work negatively impact their social life, unlike other generations. Instead they get more stressed about making sure strangers believe they have a great life, instead of having one.

Then there are those who don’t care about the benefits highly, the number of holidays or the option of flexitime won’t be what makes them accept they job. They will say yes to a job offer because of an established company or career progression opportunities.

Even though they are dubbed the ‘entitled’ generation, there are those who have a greater grasp on reality and realise the importance of working your way up the career ladder to experience the life they want, rather than just pretend they do.

It’s time that the millennials more focused on perception drop the focus of an alluring life and get back to reality. Pay your dues, work hard and you will get what you are after and it won’t just be on your Instagram images. At the end of the day, while you’re choosing what filter to choose, there are those out there choosing what email to send and it’s those millennials who will end up with the better online profiles and it won’t just be perception.