1. Never be late. This rule is one of the most important when it comes to the interviewing process. Even if you have a legitimate excuse it doesn’t matter, as this is the first time you are meeting a potential employer and being late will make you seem unreliable. You only get one chance to make a 1st impression.


  1. It’s important to dress appropriately. This is your opportunity to make a positive stamp on someone who will be interviewing you & other people for a job, that you want. So give yourself as much advantage, over your competitors, as you can. Showing up smartly dressed, shows you are taking this opportunity seriously and are trying to make the right impression.


  1. Do your homework. Research the company and the job description before attending the interview. Most employers like people who take the time to find out about what the company actually does and is aware of any news articles that relate to them. View their website and check out their social media platforms. Have one or two positive things you like that relate to them, that  you can mention in the meeting. At the end of the day, employers prefer people who show an interest in the work they do.


  1. Sometimes people can embellish their C.V. a bit, to make themselves look better/smarter/more reliable. However be careful, as this can backfire, if a potential employer starts to drill down on your dates etc, you can be caught out. Re-read your C.V. before the interview. Interviews can be intimidating but if you go over the dates and what you have described in each of your previous positions, prior to your appointment, then you will be able to answer each question accurately & confidently, even if they put you under a little pressure to see how you cope.


  1. Most people forget that an interview is a chat about you and your achievements and skills/abilities. There is nothing you shouldn’t be able to intelligently speak about. Most interviewers won’t necessarily employ the most qualified person or the most experienced person but the person who most fits in with the company’s values and someone who they think they’ll get on with the most. We spend a lot of time with our colleagues so don’t forget to be a polite and courteous.