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Steps to Employment: 5 Ways to Improve Your CV


When sending your CV into an employer, it is easy to slip

under the radar among other applicants for the same

position. The most important thing for a candidate to do is

to stand out and be memorable in the RIGHT way. Here

are senior consultant Paddy Steele’s top five tips for

what makes a successful candidate CV:


Make it Your Own

The term ‘CV’ actually stands for ‘course of life’, so make sure to tell yours! Make sure that your CV represents how you see yourself as an employee, and who you want your potential employers to see you as.

Keep it Simple

Here at Black Fox Solutions, one of the first things we ask our candidates for is a CV so that we can gain a comprehensive understanding of what experience they have, and what skills they can offer.

If it is difficult to read, or unclear what roles you have accepted in the past, we are unable to gain a holistic view of your experience and qualifications.

For example, as a graphic designer you may feel like a bright and colourful CV would best represent your skill set, however this could seem busy and distracting.

Part of our responsibility as recruiters is tailoring your CV for the positions that we put you forward for, so if it is difficult to read then it is difficult to edit!

Less is sometimes more, and the added bonus of applying through Black Fox Solutions is that you let us do the work for you!


When discussing tips for a successful CV, Paddy immediately recalled a candidate with a CV that was almost five pages long, and how he reduced it to just two and a half pages before he sent it to potential employers.

As well as being straight-forward to read, your CV must also allow employers to know within a short space of time whether you are suitable for their position!

Target your CV Towards Each Position you Apply For

It is common knowledge that employers sometimes look for specific words within your CV in order to assess your capability for the position.

Therefore, when applying for each job remember to reference the key terms and requirements that the position needs!

This means that the employer will be able to clearly pick you from the other applicants, as you have marketed yourself as specifically suited for the position!

SPG is More Important Than you Think

Not every role requires a candidate to have a perfect grasp of the written English language, but it is important to try and make sure that your CV is free from misspellings or accidental typing errors.

A CV is the first impression that an employer will have of you, and spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes can give the impression of carelessness.

Ask another person to read over the document, or if you have applied with a recruiter, we can do this for you!


As professionals in the recruitment industry, an integral part of our job is to ensure you, our client, are fully prepared for all aspects of a job application, including helping to prepare you for an interview, and applying for jobs on your behalf.

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Dealing With Different Employees In The Workplace

Every workplace has many different employees with diverse backgrounds, cultures and personalities. With all these different types of people it’s inevitable there will be clashes from time to time, this article explores the top five most common personalities you are likely to find in the workplace and how to ensure all employees work as a team, no matter what their differences might be.

1.)   The Extrovert Employee

The extrovert employee often drowns out the voices of those more introverted personalities by loudly speaking their mind. You will notice in meetings and team project discussions when a certain employee continually speaks. You must be straight with this type of worker, let them know you are happy with their input but that they must allow others to have their say.

2.)   The Introvert Employee

The introverted employee usually prefers to blend into the background and go along with what other people decide. You must make extra effort to encourage them to come out of their shell and get to know their colleagues. This can be done by organising team get-togethers, such as dinner or after work drinks. Even though they may not say as much, this doesn’t mean that the quieter workers don’t have fantastic ideas. Pay attention to them and what they say, it just may be exactly what you need to hear.

3.)   The Gossiping Employee

If you hear an employee constantly gossiping about others, then it’s up to you to bring attention to this issue as it will get worse. Arrange a face to face meeting with them and warn them you won’t tolerate this type of behaviour in the office.

4.)   The Determined Employee

Even though having a driven employee is beneficial to productivity, they can sometimes become too focused on getting ahead and try and step on their colleagues to get there and this will destroy the teamwork ethic that you must try and keep up in your company. Keep an eye on them or delegate a manager to, be direct and reinforce to them daily that teamwork must be maintained throughout the workforce.

5.)   The New Employee

Arrange a welcome activity for your new hire when they start, this can include taking them for a coffee and chatting about the office environment or asking a manager to give them a tour around. Organise a team lunch or event within their first few weeks, this will help them get to know their team and settle in faster.

Hiring may different personalities will be beneficial to your company as they will all bring different ideas and attributes. Try to become familiar with their behaviour and try to echo that when speaking to them. They will appreciate the effort and will be more content in the workplace. Be observant and aware, some people will require a direct approach while others will need you to be more considerate.