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Look After Your Employee’s Mental Health at Work

No matter what industry, what role or what level on the hierarchy an employee is on, they may be silently suffering from mental health problems. While many focus on the importance of maintaining physical health, mental health is just as vital to be aware of.

After all, as mind.org revealed it does affects one in six of us in the workplace, so the question you must ask yourself is, are you doing enough to support your employee’s mental health?

2019 has seen a rise in people speaking out about their struggles with mental health with influencers, celebrities and charities such as makeitok.org backing the ‘it’s okay not to be okay’ campaign and stating that it’s time to take about mental health more frequently, which covers many issues including stress, depression and anxiety.

It has been highlighted that these are the most common problems for workers in a workplace, with a survey from mind.org revealing that 21% agreed they had called sick into work due to stress and the option of resigning crossed the mind of 42% of workers when stress got too much.

Josh Krichefski, from Campaign often highlights the importance of breaking the stigma of mental health, especially at work. He says that “most workers present an image of themselves in the workplace” and that the extrovert ones are assumed to be able to brush stress off easily, but this isn’t always the case. There needs to be more office support, with Josh revealing only 36% of UK businesses currently doing so.

However, there are measures you can take to prevent these issues from becoming prevalent in your company and keep your team fighting fit.

Recent developments from The Economics Foundation has shown that simple steps such as talking to someone instead of emailing, asking them how they are and properly listening and speaking to someone new can really help improve wellbeing in the workplace.

Having an open-door policy in your workplace will help employee’s feel more comfortable to speak about issues they may be having. However, you can’t expect openness if you don’t emphasise the importance of it. Mention occasionally during meetings that if anyone is feeling over-stressed or anxious, that you would rather they come to you instead of keeping it in. Staff who feel supported are less likely to take time off, resulting in a more productive workforce.

Ensure your company culture is positive, as fostering this environment will help more staff with work. A happy workforce equals a motivated workforce.

Incorporate a mental health section into your company policy, you should also offer your team counselling and training sessions focused on awareness of mental health. Encourage staff to be productive during the day, make sure their workloads are realistic and keep check over those who seem to be acting differently.

Make New Recruits Feel Welcome in Your Company

When a candidate accepts your job offer it’s extremely important to make them feel welcome from the get-go. This starts with phoning the recruit to express your delight that they have decided to join your team and that you are looking forward to working with them. After the phone call send them an email, this email should include the company handbook which gives an insight into the policies they need to be aware of.

You should also mention benefits that will be offered, such as commission, holiday pay etc, include their start date, start time, office dress code and any other details that the new employee needs to know sending this information will help establish the employee’s role before they start.

Make a list of tasks that need to be completed before the new employee starts, this includes assigning a new computer or buying a new laptop. Installing any programmes and setting up a company email, LinkedIn page and so on.

Delegate a current employee to act as a mentor, this should be a manager or experienced employee that has some authority. Ask the assigned mentor to take the recruit on their first day for a coffee to chat about the company, this will help the new hire settle in.

Leave a welcome pack on their desk, this will make them feel appreciated. This may seem like a small gesture but it’s a fantastic strategy to help them get started, giving them high motivation levels from the get-go. This can include a company mug or notepads, pens with the logo on it.

After they have received their welcome pack, give them a tour of the company premises and introduce them to their colleagues. Organise a work lunch or after work drinks to help the new employee get chatting to the rest of the team and start building up work relationships.

Have a catch-up with them after their first week and then again after a month, this will give them a chance to express any ideas, concerns or queries they haven’t been able to.

It is worth your time to make the effort to help the new employee’s welcome positive and exciting. As it will help them feel comfortable and start their working journey in your company with a motivated and productive attitude.