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£ 20,000

Community Nurse Assessor | Full-time/Part-Time

Position: PIP Disability Assessor (Nurse)
Location: Northern Ireland/England
Salary: £20,500 – £34,000 per annum
Vacancy: Full-time or Part-time

Black Fox is looking to recruit eligible Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Paramedics, and Physiotherapists to work for a global company conducting disability living assessments in Britain.

** This role is also available for contractors and will pay up to £95 per report (8 reports per week minimum). **

The Role: Use your learnt skills and training to perform individual assessments in a non-clinical environment while staying up-to-date on your NMC/HCPC status. In this role, you will:

  1. Carry out face-to-face assessments on any individual who is currently making Personal Independence Payments (PIP).
  2. These assessments will be conducted at a clinic nearest you. If an individual isn’t able or agreeable to attending an assessment at a clinic, you will travel, no more than 25 miles, to the claimant’s home to conduct an assessment.
  3. The purpose of these assessments is to gather as much information as possible about the claimants physical, mental, emotional condition and abilities, to then type up a full report on the history of these conditions.
    1. Important: You will not be making any final decisions on any claimants, you are merely required to assess the persons condition and ensure that they get all the benefits they are owed by the government.
  4. This role requires you to undergo a 6-week, full time training programme. This is designed to educate you about each aspect of the role, so that when it is time to work from home, you are fully prepared.

The Benefits: Along with the ability to work from home, and earn a lucrative salary while doing so, this role provides you with plenty of rewards that will allow you to be happy in your new position.

  1. Salary between £20,500 and £34,000 per annum
  2. Driving bonus of £0.45 per mile
  3. Annual performance-based bonus of £3,000
  4. Work from home : sociable working hours
  5. Mobile phone and Laptop provided
  6. 31 days paid holiday per year : rota done 2/4 weeks in advance

Essential Criteria: To be eligible for this position, you must meet just three crucial criteria.

  1. To work from home and travel to clinics, residents, and training, you must have a full UK driving license.
  2. Have at least 2 years’ post-registration experience working as a registered Nurse, Paramedic, Physiotherapist, or Occupational Therapist. Ensure you have an active and valid pin with either the NMC / GMC / HCPC.
  3. Have a working understanding of the role as well as ample experience writing reports and conducting assessments.

I appreciate this isn’t a typical Nursing/Healthcare role. While this constitutes a good outline of what the job entails, I have plenty more information on the role and will be happy to answer all your questions.

The Application:

  1. For more information or to express your interest, phone Blake at 02890 994111
  2. Text ‘DA101’ + ‘YOUR NAME’ to 07928 248002 and we can find a convenient time to speak.

Blake Davis
Nursing and Healthcare Consultant
02890 994111

Eligibility:  General Nurse | LD Nurse | Mental Health Nurse | Paramedic | OT | Physiotherapist

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